Commercial Projects

This is a sample of commercial projects which have been completed for some of our clients.

  Bawnogue Enterprise Center

Bawnogue Enterprise Centre

Client: South Dublin County Council

Description:  Bawnogue Village Core was a project that was driven by both the local community and South Dublin County Council.  The scheme is in close proximity to the local community centre, shopping centre, school, church and a number of housing schemes. With this in mind the design has managed to tie all of these elements together and generate a new Village Core.  The development consists of a mix of office space, large Crèche area and small enterprise units that have the flexibility of being connected together to form larger units.  Both the enterprise units and the office space are aimed at start up companies who will use the facility for an incubation period of up to three years.  The development has been a great success and has given many start up companies a great base for their new and emerging business. 

        Bawnogue Enterprise CenterBawnogue Enterprise CenterBawnogue Enterprise Center

Killinarden Village Core

 Killinarden Village Core 

Client: South Dublin County Council

Description:  Killinarden Village Core is a scheme which has had a lot of input from the local community at the planning stages. The development is in close proximity to many of the local amenities including the local shops, church, school and refurbished community Centre. This scheme consists of a mix of office space, enterprise units and community facility in a number of two, three and single story blocks.  The challenges in this project where the long linear site that is sandwiched between Cushlawn housing estate and new distributor road and industrial estate to the North of the site. There were also a large number of existing services that transverse the site some of which where reroute during construction of the development and others which required the development to be designed around these service runs. Overall the scheme turned out to be very successful achieving the client's goals and surpassing the local residents expectations.

Killinarden Village Core Killinarden Villlage Core Killinarden Village Core



Drugs Drop-In Center 

Client: CARP Killinarden

DESCRIPTION: CARP Killinarden has been designed with 380m2 of accommodation for use as a drug drop in centre and included in the design is access to the lands to the rear of the scheme to accommodate possible future development.  Through the brief for this project we were asked to design new premises for the client, the new accommodation was to cater for CARP’s existing services and allow for expansion of these services into the future. 


The site was located adjacent to a community centre that had recently been renovated so we designed the new building in a style that ensured it complemented the community centre.  Within the scheme design we also had to accommodate the fact that the clients existing temporary premises where located on the proposed site and that the client required that they be in a position to maintain their services during the construction works.  This was achieved by detailed design and programming of the works prior to construction starting on site.  The client was extremely satisfied with their new premises and how smoothly the entire project progressed. 



Michaels Park - Traveller Accommodation 

Client: West Meath County Council 

DESCRIPTION: Â—This project involved the refurbishment of an existing traveller accommodation scheme in Mullingar. —The scheme consisted of the demolition of the existing dilapidated site and existing accommodation and preparation of a design to accommodate the councils registered Traveller community in the area.  The accommodation was designed with detailed consultation with the council and the end users.  The final design involved the construction of a temporary site to house the existing residents during the construction of the —8 day houses, the —5 transient bays and the —Caretakers unit. In the design of the scheme it was important to ensure that ownership of as much of the 2.4 Acre site was afforded to the individual tenants and that all public spaces where over looked.  When the scheme was completed both the clients and the end users were completely satisfied with the end product.


Moorfield Housing Scheme

Client: South Dublin County Council 

DESCRIPTION: The client brief was to maximise the site with a low density social housing scheme with a mixture of unit types.  The site was a long linear strip of unmanaged strip waste land located between a large private residence and a 1980’s council housing scheme.  Furthermore the usable site area was pinched due to the location of some major services runs that served the existing housing scheme.  Our scheme design created 42 Housing units on the 3.1 Acre site. We used a mix of 3 unit types, a 3 bedroom terrace houses, a 4 bedroom duplex over a 2 bedroom apartment and 2 bedroom bungalow units which could be adapted for special needs.  We also incorporated into the design a new park area which acted as pedestrian link between the two ends of the long linear site as well as maintaining pedestrian access to the existing housing estate.